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Polygon Explorations Mini Pack ebook

Over 2 dozen pages of patterns, printables, and teaching strategies aligned with 4th and 5th grade CCSS Geometry Standards. The Smartboard version includes a unique gallery of all 30 "Poly Shapes" used in the activities.

$4.95  Ebook only or $5.95 with Smartboard Shapes  

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Polygon Explorations
  Smartboard Version Polygon Explorations


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Why do you need Polygon Explorations?

Hands-on math lessons are great, but they're even more effective when they're lively and fun, too. The activities in Polygon Explorations are designed around a set of 30 “Poly Shapes,” and all of the activities require active engagement and math talk. From introductory activities to review games, these lessons will keep your class focused and highly involved. All of activities can be used in a whole group setting, and many of them also work with cooperative learning teams and in math centers. If you laminate the shapes, you can use them over and over throughout the year to engage students in hands-on activities with geometric concepts.


Sample Pages Below - Click this link to preview the entire packet.

Poly Shapes
Polygon Cards

Polygon Explorations Smartboard VersionWhat You'll Find in Polygon Explorations

Praise from a Field Tester for the Polygon Capture Game

"Laura, I love the Polygon Capture game! Great way to practice vocabulary development. Using the words in a game setting made practicing fun. The kids were not challenging each other at first, so I challenged one myself and they had to prove to me that their shape fit the description. There was lots of Math talk going on, and they began to challenge each other just for fun. I fooled them because their challenges made them practice their vocabulary even more when they explained why the shape fit or when the other students explained why it didn't fit the description. They didn't mind being corrected by their peers. They said they liked that way of learning the vocabulary better than making flip books or posters. Me too! I often think they don't use the flip books or posters to study and this game was studying. Thank you for sharing it with me!" ~ Joan Armstrong, 6th grade





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