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Daily Math Puzzler Testimonials


Daily Math PuzzlersUser-Friendly Resource   

I started using the Daily Math Puzzlers  in my class this year and my 4th graders love it!  It is exactly what they need to develop good problem solving strategies.  My kids enjoy using these puzzlers to play partner and group "games".  We start math when we get back from lunch and today I was reminded by the kids to do the puzzlers. They let me know today that they enjoy working on the problems daily. I have been giving the a few minutes to work on the problem then we discuss the problem and the answer. The students are able to share their different ways of solving the problem. I think I have been spending no more than 7 minutes a day on the Daily Math Puzzler Program. Even though some of the puzzlers are challenging, they actually look forward to the day's puzzler!  I'm so glad to have a user-friendly resource to help my students become better problem solvers.  Thanks!      

Sheryl Easterling  
4th Grade  
Waynesville, North Carolina  

Daily Math Puzzler Calculator Lessons


I have recently started using Daily Math Puzzlers in my classroom.  I started by teaching the calculator lesson, and I was surprised by the results.  I assumed that all of my 5th grades knew how to use a calculator correctly, but the lessons and assessments showed me otherwise.  The calculator lessons will hopefully prevent some input mistakes on future test.  I also liked the way the program teaches the basic problem solving skills in a quick lesson that I can incorporate into my daily math lesson.

Kimberly Smith
Middle Childhood Generalist NBCT
Banks Elementary, 5th Grade


Math Money a Big Hit!   


I started using the Daily Math Puzzlers with my 4th graders a few weeks ago.  My students enjoy the problems and are now begging me for more problems so they can earn Math Money.  I reward the students who present clear, well organized solutions with a Math Money certificate.  They are eager to review different solutions for the problems  I let students use Math Money to play simple math games with one another, or on the computers later in the day.  I'm happy to have a format for doing regular problem solving in my room each day since our math program is hard to jump in and out of and doesn't provide much in the way of problem solving. 

Debbie Davisreid
Olympia, Washington


Daily Math Puzzlers Set the Tone for the Day


I love the Math Puzzler Power Pack!  The Puzzlers set the tone for our day by helping to focus and organize our minds.  I honestly think that my students would be lost without a daily math puzzler.  Problem solving is not as "scary" to my sixth graders as it once was.  I am grateful to you for prompting me to tell my students to think of word problems as brain teasers or puzzles.  I don't know why I hadn't thought of that before!  Thanks so much for knowing and providing what students need to be successful. 

Betsy Clark
6th Grade
Evant, Texas


Aligned with State Testing     

The Daily Math Puzzler program  is definitely aligned  with our state test. Washington State's test requires students to demonstrate their mathematical skills using problem solving for grade levels 3-12. The DMP program stretches their thinking skills because it offers a variation of the type of problems being solved. This is a great way to start our day. The kids know what to expect and the problem solving program has a nice routine to follow. We have only started the program, but I feel the confidence of my lower level learners is growing. The program is very easy to follow and implement into my classroom. It is great to start with calculator activities because no matter what we are focusing on, if calculators are involved, students are engaged. I love "Math Talk!" I have been using cooperative groups for a few years now and this is a great way to structure the group work. I particularly like how the problems are leveled by grade.

Jennifer Bruce
Franklin Pierce School District


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