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"I have spent the past few days looking at your site and enjoying your past and current newsletters. I feel like a kid in a candy store! Thanks so much for your hard work and your effort!"
          ~ Leslie Nichols

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To sign up for my free bi-weekly newsletters, click this link to complete the Sign Up Form. If this method doesn't work, enter your email address in this Google Doc form and I'll add your email manually before I send out the next newsletter. With this method you will not receive an email confirmation, but you will get access to the newsletter subscriber freebies when I send out the next issue.

New! Equivalent Fractions Freebie for Subscribers

Here's the newest freebie I am sharing with my subscribers. It's a 10-page lesson from my Penguin Fractions: Exploring the Basics ebook. Just sign up for my newsletters here and check your email for a welcome message from me. Then click the link in the welcome message that goes to the newsletter freebies page and download it from there.

Equivalent Fractions Freebie


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Nothing! Your email newsletter will arrive several times a month by email for free!

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It's best to sign up with your home email address because your school email may block the newsletters. Or you can sign up with BOTH emails so you get the information at school and at home! Choose either of the two methods below!

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Candler's Classroom ConnectionsI signed up, but I never received the Welcome message and I haven't received any newsletters. What's wrong?

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What do I do if I used to receive your newsletters, but I'm not anymore?


What if I want to cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel at any time, just click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any newsletter.


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Yes! You have my pledge that your email address will never be sold or used for anything other than to provide newsletters and updates regarding the Teaching Resources website.

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