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Site licenses are the BEST way to share Laura Candler's Teaching Resources schoolwide! Get the details here!

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I love it to hear from teachers who share testimonials with me about how my resources are making a difference in their classrooms. They've shared how much more their kids love learning, how much more successful they are as teachers, and how much easier their jobs are as a result of using my materials.

If you've used my resources and you agree, you might be wondering about the best way to share my books and products with others. The simple answer to that question is through the purchase of multiple licenses on TpT. I used to offer site licenses, but recent changes within the TpT purchasing system make it much easier to share resources via multiple license purchases.


Multiple User Licenses

Best Way to Share Teacher ProductsMultiple Licenses for Sentence Go Round


Additional licenses cost less than single classroom licenses. The discount varies by product or bundle and you'll save anywhere from 10% to 40% off the full price. To purchase additional licenses, click the "Buy Licenses to Share" link on the product page as shown below. A pop up will appear that has more information about the cost of the additional licenses. For example, suppose you want to purchase Sentence Go Round for yourself and two other teachers. When the Product License box pops up, you can see that a single license is $5.50 and each additional license will be $3.50. Enter the number of extra licenses (2) and the total cost will be calculated for you. You can check out with a credit card, PayPal account, or even pay with a school Purchase Order.

Multiple User Licenses



Graphic Organizers for Reading and Power Reading WorkshopMultiple Print Copy Discounts

Multiple print copy discounts are perfect when you want to order more than one copy of the books in print shown here. To get the multiple copy discount, order them directly from my publisher, Brigantine Media, using the Multiple Copy Discount form. You can mix and match different numbers of each title to get the best discount price. You get free shipping on multiple print copy orders, even if you order just two books!



If you have questions, please email me at contact@lauracandler.com. ~ Laura Candler

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