Walls for Language Learners

…meaning in two different languages. For instance, “chocolate” while pronounced a bit differently, is spelled the same in both English and Spanish and means the same thing. Having a place…

Halting Back Talkers in Their Tracks!

…growth as students fills my heart with happiness.” Step Two Once students can instantly respond with the rule and gesture, when you call out “Rule 5,” you’re ready for implementation….

Plickers Made Easy with Task Cards

…and rotate them to indicate which answer they think is correct. The teacher scans all of the response cards at once, using the Plickers app installed on a mobile device….

5 Engaging Ways to Introduce New Content

…your students to act out. I did just that when I wanted to introduce the pollination process to my students. I turned pollinating bees into humorous story characters and instantly…

Undercover Boss – School Style!

…about topics brought up in his lesson. He share things like: playing soccer, favorite cartoons, and his favorite subject in school. All topics that are an instant hit with students!…