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Teaching Children Not to Be Rude!

Guest Blog Post by Julia Cook

As a school counselor, I would often have kids come into my office and expect me to wave my magic counseling wand and solve their problems for  

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Creating a Caring Classroom Family

Guest blog post by Barbara Gruener

Now that it’s time for a new school year to begin, life finds me increasingly eager for the first day to arrive. My students  

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Pay It Forward and Make Someone’s Day!

Did you know that Pay It Forward Day is celebrated in April each year? This year it’s on April 28th, and I decided to put together a little freebie in honor of this special  

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Boost Class Spirit with Tie-Dyed T-shirts!

Spring is here, and that means field days and field trips! As the weather turns sunny and warm, kids and teachers both want to get out of the  

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Are You as Lucky as a Leprechaun?

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