Amazing New End-of-Year Math Bundles!

This week I’m collaborating with 30 other math educators to bring you two HUGE bundles of ready-to-use math resources at a fraction of their normal cost! Each End-of-Year Math Bundle includes dozens of resources and is worth hundreds of dollars, but today through March 29th, you can get each bundle for just $24 and both  for $36! Amazing, right?

With a price this low, you’ll definitely want to grab the bundle for your grade level, but you might want to purchase the other bundle, too. Before you decide, use the links below to preview both bundles to see exactly what’s included.

Next, consider how you might use the additional resources, even if you don’t expect to teach the other grade levels in the near future. Do you have children or grandchildren who could use these resources? Could you use them to differentiate instruction? Do you tutor children at home? If so, I think you’ll agree that getting hundreds of dollars worth of math resources for just $12 more  is a deal that’s too good to pass up! 

If you’re wondering how we can offer these amazing deals, it’s due to the power of collaboration! With 30 math educators working together, each of us only needed to contribute a few of our own resources to create these HUGE End-of-Year Math Bundles! 

If you’re wondering WHY we’re making this offer, it’s because we want to help teachers get the resources they need. We’re thrilled to be able to offer our resources at a steeply discounted price to make it easy for teachers to get the resources they need during these incredibly difficult times.

But there is one catch. Because this is such an amazing deal, we can only make this offer for a limited time. That’s why after March 29th, these End-of-Year Math Bundles won’t be available at ANY price! Don’t miss out!