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22-page assessment pack features:

  • Directions for administering and scoring tests
  • Leveled pretest and posttest with answer key
  • Several forms for recording and analyzing results
  • American and International versions

The Power of Assessment

Teaching kids to solve math problems is a huge challenge, but it’s an even bigger challenge if you haven’t assessed your students’ problem solving skills. Do you know how they attack a variety of math problems? What strategies do they use? Are they functioning on grade level, above grade level, or below? This free assessment will give you a snapshot of each student’s abilities so that you can plan appropriate instruction. Administering the test will help you differentiate your instruction based on the strengths and needs of each student in your class.

What’s included in the FREE Problem Solving Assessment?

The Problem Solving Assessment Pack consists of two tests, a pretest and a posttest, designed to help you assess your students’ problem-solving abilities. The pretest data will enable you to determine where to begin with your problem-solving instruction; the posttest data will help you track their progress later. Not only will you be able to assess the problem-solving abilities of each student, you’ll get an overall picture of your class’s capabilities as a whole. The book also includes Answer Keys, a form for recording and analyzing your Assessment Results, and a Scoring Guide. The assessment is available in two versions, the American Versionand the International Version. Sign up HERE to receive a link to both versions!

Problem Solving Assessment Freebie from Laura Candler


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