Facebook Group for Literature Circle Lovers

I LOVE the Classroom Book Clubs approach to Literature Circles because it’s easy, fun, and very effective.

It’s different from traditional forms of Literature Circles because this format doesn’t involve assigning roles to group members and it doesn’t burden kids with piles of written assignments.

What the Classroom Book Clubs strategy DOES do is to get kids talking about books and excited about reading!

I also love Facebook groups, so I’ve just started a Classroom Book Clubs Facebook group for teachers who want to share ideas and strategies for this approach to Literature Circles. This group is a great place to discuss appropriate books, share ideas for classroom management, and share how teachers are adapting the program to fit their individual needs. You can ask questions about Classroom Book Clubs and get support from other group members.

How to Apply for Membership

Because Classroom Book Clubs is a unique approach to Literature Circles, membership is limited to those who have purchased my Classroom Book Clubs program. Think of it as a bonus that comes with your purchase, a nice little perk that will provide additional support whether you’re just getting started or  you’ve used the program for years!

If you are interested in joining the group but have not purchased the program, you can learn about it on my Classroom Book Clubs page. Then purchase one of the eligible products listed below. When you download the product file, you’ll find a PDF with the details of how to join the group.

Eligible Classroom Book Club Products 

I’m looking forward to starting this new Classroom Book Clubs adventure and connecting with other teachers who love Literature Circles! I hope you’ll join me on this journey!