How to Cure the Classroom Library Blues

…give each student a large index card. The students write their name on the card. That is their “library card”. If a student wants to borrow a book, they write

Take Procedural Writing to the Next “Step”

…And so began the idea for a lesson on how to teach procedural writing by grouping smaller steps into three main steps. What’s interesting is how many other literacy strategies…

The True Cost of Free Teaching Resources

online assessment tool, and I wanted to share it with teachers. I ended up spending over a week writing the post and creating a free tutorial to go with it….

How to Get Kids to Slow Down with Their Work

…each lesson. Add things like, spelling, neatness, structure (for genre writing), tense etc. Lydia Wood – Have them write the time they start and time they finish on their paper….

Spelling Stories – Creativity Unleashed!

…your students’ creative talents with spelling stories. Tips for Assigning Spelling Stories For several weeks before you ask your students to write stories with their spelling words, have them write

5 Math Games Every Classroom Needs to Play

…of this game. Supplies needed are minimal: a writing surface, writing utensils, and someone who is quick with their math facts for a “caller.” The object of the game is…

A Tribute to Francie, the Heart of Caring Classrooms

…connections with teachers, take the time to friend them and meet them online with personal messages. Online teachers have sustained me, because they are like me: overachieving, and working…