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Daily Math Puzzlers: Level A (Ebook)


Grades 2 - 4
Includes 114 pages of activities, printables, flashcards, and teaching strategies for beginning problem solving

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Site Licenses available starting at $60. Do you live in a country that uses the Metric System? If so, check out theĀ International Version of Level A. If this is your first purchase, read the Ordering Information page for payment options and download directions.


Word Problems or Puzzles??? Both!

Teaching kids to solve word problems is one of the most challenging tasks faced by math teachers. A big part of that challenge is adjusting kids' attitudes towards these tasks. Most kids are intimidated by word problems and give up easily. Who wouldn't give up when faced with a text book page of long difficult word problems? Yet call those same problems brainteasers or "puzzlers," do just one a day, and all of a sudden you have a classroom full of students who look forward problem solving! Having the right attitude can make all the difference in the world. If you don't believe me, read testimonials from teachers who have been using the program. Their students are actually asking for more word problems!

Take a Peek Inside Daily Math Puzzler Level A

Daily Math Puzzlers Level A

What's Unique about Level A?

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Level A ebook
Grades 2-4

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Level B ebook
Grades 3-5

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Level C ebook
Grades 4-6

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Level D ebook
Grades 5-7

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Free Problem Solving AssessmentWhich Level is Right for My Class?

Each Daily Math Puzzler Pack covers three grade levels. To determine which grade level is right for you, preview each book above. You can also download the free Problem Solving Assessment ebook and administer a pretest to determine the right level or levels for your class. Since all of the student pages are different in each Power Pack, you may decided to get more than one. Start with the 20 problems in the easier level, and when your kids get to be expert problem solvers, move them up! Or you may want to differentiate and have groups of students working on different levels.

Can I Modify the Pages?

No: The Daily Math Puzzler Power Pack is in PDF format and is not able to be modified in any way. If you want to change it, you'll have to use the trick every teacher knows - cut and paste! However, the template files are available in Microsoft Word and Publisher format when you purchase this item.

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