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  • Math Stations in Action

    What exactly is a math station? I used to envision them as elaborate “centers” around the room where students would go to play games or complete activities. But who has time to create…
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  • Making The Most Of Math Homework

    Is homework effective? Educators seem to be evenly split on this question. Some insist that homework is essential because students need to review and practice skills at home. Others argue that…
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  • Tips for Teaching with Math Games

    Who doesn’t love a game? In the math classroom, games offer an engaging alternative to worksheets, allowing students to work with others and have fun while learning. They’re perfect for practicing…
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  • Sweet Statistics: Jelly Bean Data Analysis

    Sometimes kids think Earth has unlimited resources and they don’t realize that only a small part of our planet is habitable. Edible Earth Rounds is a tasty activity you can use to demonstrate this…
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  • Winning A Million – Math Lessons And More!

    What would you do if you won a million dollars? The NC Education Lottery offers winners a choice between the entire amount paid over 20 years, or a lump sum payout of a smaller amount. What…
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  • Teaching Tricky Trapezoids

    Do you teach quadrilateral classification? If so, did you know there are THREE ways to define a trapezoid? Americans use either the inclusive or the exclusive definition depending on their…
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