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Welcome to Laura Candler’s Science File Cabinet. Here you’ll find dozens of free printables and helpful website links for the upper elementary or middle school science classroom. The resources and links on this page are organized into the following categories. Click each heading to jump directly to a topic.


Featured Science Articles


  • Totality Awesome Solar Eclipse: Are you ready?

    Are you ready for the upcoming solar eclipse? If not, take a few minutes now to learn about this “totality” awesome event so…
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  • Investigating Condensation and the Water Cycle

    Most kids are familiar with the terms precipitation, condensation, and evaporation, but very…
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  • Five Ways to Fit Science In

    Every year when I sit down to plan out my class schedule around all my specials, it seems I just…
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  • Investigating How to Make Icy Roads Safer

    If you’ve ever driven on icy roads, you’ll know just how treacherous they can be. How do road crews…
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  • Going Marbles for STEM Hands-on Learning

    Do you remember the thrill of dropping a marble into a maze and watching it roll, spin, and finally…
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  • STEM Engineering: Will building a tower with newspaper REALLY benefit my students?

    You’ve probably noticed pictures of STEM engineering challenges floating around the teacher…
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