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Laura Candler's Fraction File Cabinet

Laura Candler's Fraction File CabinetPrintables, Activities, and Fraction Center Games

In the Fraction File Cabinet folder you'll find a wide variety of engaging activities to use when teaching fractions. Many of them use cooperative learning strategies and work well in math centers. Most of the freebies don't include directions or answer keys, but you're welcome to use them to create your own classroom lessons.

If you are looking for complete resources, scroll to the bottom of the page to check out my fraction products, or click here to see all my fraction resources on TpT.




Featured Fraction Freebies

Penguin Fraction Predictions Freebie
Fraction Predictions Freebie
Clickable Guide to Penguin Fractions
Free Ordering Fractions on a Number Line Printable
Pizza Fraction Fun Freebie
Free Fraction Spinners


Pizza Fraction FunMore Free Fraction Activities and Printables

Lunch with Cat and DogLunch with Cat and Dog

Lunch with Cat and Dog is a fun little book that you can read to your class in about 5 minutes. Cat and Dog argue over the amount of each food item that they are sharing, but they both end up with equal shares. It's a great way to introduce students to basic fraction concepts. You can click the cover to find it on Amazon.com.*


Featured Fraction Products

Penguin Fractions Number Line Activity
Basic Fraction Concepts Assessment Pack
Comparing Fraction Assessments Pack


Free Clickable Guide to Penguin Fractions Clickable Guide to Penguin Fractions

Common Core Aligned with 3rd and 4th Grade Standards

Penguin Fraction activities make learning fractions easy and fun! The lessons are based on a set of unique activity cards that have penguin fractions in number form on one side and the corresponding fraction bars on the other. You'll find engaging lessons with step-by-step directions, partner games, math center activities, task cards, and tests. Download this clickable guide to learn more.


Penguin Fractions: Exploring the Basics
Penguin Fractions Task Cards
Penguin Fractions: Comparing and Ordering
Penguin Fractions Basic Assessments
Penguin Fractions - Comparing and Ordering Task Cards
Penguin Fractions Comparing and Ordering Assessments
Comparing Fractions Assessments
Comparing Fractions Task Cards
Comparing Fractions - Interactive Lessons

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