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Laura Candler's Time and Measurement Resources

Time & Measurement Resources

Printables, Activities, and Center Games

In the Time and Measurement File Cabinet folder, you'll find a variety of engaging activities to use when teaching time and measurement. The freebies don't usually include directions or answer keys, but you are welcome to use them to create your own activities.

For more complete lessons and teaching resources, check out the Math Resources in my TpT store which include time-saving features. Most of my products include full directions, ready-made printables, and answer keys.

Featured Time and Measurement Products

Customary Measurement Conversions Power Pack Mixed Measurement Word Problems Monster Math Mix-up: Telling Time Time in Word Form Task Cards

Free Time and Measurement Printables

Free Recipe for Making Ice Cream in a Bag - Includes two recipes, one using customary measurement and one using metric measurement. Mixed Measurement Word Problems Customary Measurement Practice Make Your Own Clock Pattern


Free Measurement Teaching Resources



Free Telling Time Task Cards from Laura CandlerFree Resources for Teaching Time



Stop the ClockInteractive Clock Games

Stop the Clock Games - Drag the digital times to match them with the analog clocks. Stop the clock when finished! Can you beat your time? Click on one of the levels below to try it.

To learn how to make this game interactive for a group, read Stop the Clock - Adventures in Teaching Time! on Corkboard Connections.

Stop the Clock Game Levels:

Bang on Time Interactive Game - Read the time below the clock and watch the hands move. When the time on the clock matches the time in word form, stop the clock. Score points for accuracy. Challenging!


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