Favorite Resources for Literature Circles

Do you use Literature Circles in your classroom? If so, you’ll know that great books are at the heart of a great Literature Circles program. This page includes two different types of resource recommendations:

  • Favorite Literature Circle Books for Students is a collection of student books recommended by upper elementary and middle school teachers. When choosing books, it’s important to select books that are not only interesting to your students, but books that provide rich content and themes to discuss. You’ll love these selections!
  • Favorite Literature Circle Resources for Teachers is a collection of books and resources for teachers that I recommend you read before you get started. These selections will help you become more effective as a facilitator of Literature Circles.

Favorite Literature Circle Books for Students

Click the images below to find a collection of book recommendations for each genre.

Historical Fiction Books
Realistic Fiction Books
Adventure Books
Fantasy Books

Favorite Literature Circle Resources for Teachers

Over the years, I have read many wonderful resources to help me get started with Literature Circles, and I would like to share some of favorite books with you. I’m also providing a link to my Classroom Book Clubsprogram which is a favorite of many teachers! ~ Laura Candler

Classroom Book Clubs
Classroom Book Clubs: Literature Circles Made Easy
By Laura CandlerClassroom Book Clubs is an easy and fun way to implement Literature Circles. This approach is very flexible and does require students to take on “roles” when they meeting. This resource consists of 5 short narrated slidecast videos that will teach you how to implement this method in a step-by-step way. All printables and organizational forms are included.


Getting Started with Literature Circles
Getting Started with Literature Circles
By Katherine Schlick Noe and Nancy JohnsonThe title of this book is perfect because it really is a great tool for getting started with Literature Circles. It’s an excellent resource for all teachers, but it’s especially effective for K-2 teachers. Teachers of primary students often have difficulty finding resources to help them implement Literature Circles, and this one offers lots of strategies for that age group.
Moving Forward with Literature Circles
Moving Forward with Literature Circle: How to Plan, Manage, and Evaluate Literature Circles to Deepen Understanding and Foster a Love of Reading
Various AuthorsThis is another book with a title that says it all! It’s inspiring, easy to read, and a terrific book for upper elementary teachers.
Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in Book Clubs and Reading Groups
Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in Book Clubs and Reading Groups
By Harvey DanielsHarvey Daniels is the thought leader behind Literature Circles. This book is an updated version of his original classic, and it offers even more strategies, tips, and information than his first book. Definitely worth the price!
Mini Lessons for Literature Circles
Mini Lessons for Literature Circles
By Harvey DanielsWhat do you do when your Literature Circles aren’t working as they should? You can teach mini lessons to help students understand how to manage their time and social interactions. This is an outstanding resource, especially for middle and high school teachers. Click here for a 37-page preview online.

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