Factor Race

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Factor Race Game and Mini Lesson includes an exciting math game plus a mini-lesson and instructional resources for teaching students how to find the factors of a number quickly. The task cards used in the game include QR codes, but a traditional paper answer key is included as well. The Factor Race game is fast-paced cooperative learning activity that will help your students build speed and accuracy with finding all the factors of numbers up to 100. This skill is especially important in the upper elementary grades as students tackle increasingly difficult division problems and dive into fraction computation. Learn more about this game by watching the video preview, and take a look at every page in the resource by clicking on the Download Preview link above.

How Factor Race Boosts Speed and Accuracy with Finding Factors

Factor Race is a unique game specifically designed to boost speed and accuracy with finding all the factors of a number. In each round of the game, the team leader flips over a card to reveal the target number, and all players race to see how many factors they can find in a given amount of time. They earn one point for each correct factor, one bonus point for finding ALL the factors, and another bonus point for listing the factors in order. The catch? If they include even ONE number that is not a factor of the target number, they don’t earn any points for that round! Players are highly motivated to find factors quickly, but they also learn that accuracy is as important as speed!