Weathering and Erosion Digital Task Cards

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Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Digital Task Cards includes two ready-to-use Google Slides presentations that were created with multiple choice full color task cards. Each card displays an image showing the formation of one geologic feature of the earth, such as a landform or body of water, and students are asked to classify the formation process as an example of weathering, erosion, or deposition. A mini poster with the definitions of these terms is included and can be used for reviewing these concepts.

One of the Google Slides presentations includes self-checking answers and the other has the task cards only. In addition, this resource includes editable versions of the slides, the task card image files, a printable answer recording page, and an answer key. These digital task cards can be assigned in Google Classroom, but Google Classroom is not required. Two printable cards with QR codes are provided to give your students a quick and easy way to access the digital task cards.

Digital task cards can be viewed on mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers, so they can be used as you would use printable task cards. After your students load the task cards onto a mobile device or computer, they can use the cards with partner games, cooperative learning activities, in learning centers, or even for whole class review activities. You can even use digital task cards for paperless assessments!