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Free Webinar: How to Teach Kids to Love Poetry

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April is Poetry Month, so this is the perfect time to explore engaging ways to teach your students about poetry! After implementing these strategies, you'll be amazed at how quickly your students are able to read, write, and understand poetry... and even more surprised to discover how much your students love poetry, too! Most of the activities were designed for upper elementary students, but many can be adapted for younger or older students. Even if you haven't enjoyed teaching poetry in the past, you'll find yourself looking forward to your next poetry unit!Ā Click here to sign up for the replay!

Free Webinar: How to Teach Kids to Love Poetry



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Bio Poems Made Easy
Poetry Graphic Organizer
What a Dilemma! Free poem and poetry lesson


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  Poetry Unit Bundle (Includes Webinar)

The Poetry Unit Bundle includes 6 products that will make it super easy and fun to teach poetry, including the How to Teach Poetry Step by Step webinar with professional development certificate.

Check out the feedback from teachers like Kelly who wrote, "Your webinar inspired me to update my poetry unit. Your bundle is exactly what I needed to help me with those students who are the grumblers. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and experience!!! LOVE THIS BUNDLE!!!"



Featured Book: Poetry Matters by Ralph Fletcher

Poetry Matters is the most amazing book! Whether you love teaching poetry or the subject makes you feel a little uncomfortable, you need this book! Buy it and read it yourself before you use it with your students, and it will change the way you think about poetry. This is the second year I've used the book with students, and I had the same results both years. Ralph Fletcher speaks to young writers in this book and gets to the heart of what's important in writing poetry. When I read it aloud, my students are captivated by his words, and after just a few chapters they are writing very powerful poems on their own. Some students are finding their voice in writing for the first time this year . . . because poets can break the rules, kids who normally have trouble writing seem to excel in writing free verse.



Poem in Your Pocket DayPoetry Books and Resources
from Kristine O'Connell George

Kristine O'Connell George is another favorite children's author and poet. She writes simple yet beautiful poems that reach out to kids and connect with them. I loved using them as models for poetry writing in the classroom. The books below are some of my favorites from Kristine. Click each title to find it on Amazon.com.

Several years ago, I was honored to have Kristine share resources and teaching tips with my followers in a guest blog post on Corkboard Connections called Falling In Love With a Poem. Click over to that post to read her suggestions for teaching poetry as well as some resources for Poem in Your Pocket Day which is celebrated every April.

Emma Dilemma The Great Frog Race Swimming Upstream Poetry Book Toasting Marshmallows


Common Core Poetry Book Recommendations for Teachers

Poetry Lessons to Meet Common Core State Standards   Poetry Lessons to Meet Common Core State Standards
by Georgia Heard

This book is a fabulous resource for teachers who want to tie their poetry lessons to Common Core State Standards. It offers a very comprehensive look at how poetry connects with CCSS and includes references to specific anchor standards. It includes loads of detailed lessons for teaching the craft and structure of poetry. I was impressed with just about everything about this book! It's a must-have!
Poetry Friday Anthology  
The Poetry Friday Anthology
compiled by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong

The Poetry Friday Anthology includes one poem for each week per grade level, K-5. Each poem is accompanied by suggestions for 5-minute poetry discussions. The Common Core Connections in this book were a bit weak, but I'm recommending it because it's a great anthology for elementary classrooms.


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