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Geometry: Exploring the Basics


Grades 2 - 5
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Geometry: Exploring the Basics 

Geometry: Exploring the BasicsGeometry is fun for kids, but many children quickly get lost in the language of mathematics. Sometimes all they need is a little practice with basic concepts and terminology . . . hands-on experiences and active engagement lessons that reinforce what they have been taught.. 

Geometry: Exploring the Basics is designed to help students master those basic concepts of geometry. You’ll find lots of printables and games for introducing lines, line relationships, and simple polygons. You’ll also find a variety of review activities and two forms of a simple paper-and-pencil assessment. The activities are directly aligned with Common Core Math Standards for grades 2 through 4, and you can use them as a review before teaching 5th grade standards. Download the CCSS reference page to read the details and specific wording of each geometry standard referenced.

Common Core Geometry Standards:
2.G.1, 3.G.1, 4.G.1

What You'll Find in this Power Pack

This book has everything you need for a fun 
yet effective introduction to geometry!

Teacher Reviews

Laura, I just used the polygon part of your geometry book this past week...kids loved it & were really excited about this method of learning.  I overheard one station and laughed. "Geoboards ROCK!"  Yes, I had to set guidelines of no flying rubber bands and let them explore the boards prior to guided practice, however, I wouldn't trade it for any worksheet EVER!!  Thank you thank you thank you!!
~ RonieSue Ullrich, Grade 3

Laura, this book is terrific! It really has a nice sequence and works well in a differentiated classroom. I love the multitude of structures involved keeping all the kids actively engaged in the hands-on activities! 
~ Sharyn Powell, Grade 3

I love the book!! It does cover some material more in depth than the 2nd grade curriculum requires, but most of it is highly beneficial. You've taken some very clever ideas and written a book that puts prepared materials right at our fingertips. What a valuable resource! Bravo!
 ~ Stacy Lloyd, Grade 2

I found your book to be a thorough introduction to geometry skills that I can pick up in the morning and begin to teach that day. It has high interest activities which focus on the geometry basics that should begin any geometry unit. I will use this in my class from page one to the very last page!
 ~ Debbie Palmer, Grade 3

I have looked at the entire book, this is awesome! I love all the ideas for games, concentration, etc. This is the one strand of math that I really don't like teaching, and feel that these activities will help me to build a better foundation of the geometric principles needed. I absolutely love the foldable that you have included, we use foldables a lot in our grade level. 
~ Suzann, Grade 3

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