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Multiplication ResourcesCheck out these great resources for teaching multiplication. You’ll find a free webinar recording with strategies for ensuring that your students master their times tables fluently. You’ll also find free printables and helpful websites dealing with multiplication.

In addition to the free resources, be sure to check out Mastering Math Facts Multiplication and Division: Aligned with the Common Core,  a comprehensive resource with lessons, games, and activities for teaching multiplication and division facts.

Click to download a free 43-page sampler of Mastering Math Facts Multiplication and Division: Aligned with the Common Core. This sampler includes a free quick assessment as well as several free activities and multiplication printables. You can print them out as use them “as is” with your students. The packet includes Fishbowl Multiplication, a math fact quiz, two Common Core Connections charts, and a math game called In the Dog House.

Click the title link to learn more about how to purchase Mastering Math Facts Multiplication and Division: Aligned with the Common Core.

Featured Multiplication FreebiesMultiplication Resources in Laura Candler's File Cabinet for Grades 3-5


Multiplication Drill Worksheet
Multiplication War Game
Pumpkin Seed Multiplication

Printables and Lessons for Multiplication

Multiplication Practice BoardMultiplication Template

This blank multiplication drill template can be laminated and used by students when practicing their times tables. The complete system is described in Mastering Math Facts, and you can see how teacher Suzy Brooks uses it in her 3rd grade classroom. She shared a video on her Technically Invisible blog to show how she uses the Daily Drills in Mastering Math Facts.

Multiplication War Card Game

All you need for Multiplication War is a deck of cards to create an effective and fun game for reviewing times tables. This activity is taken from Mastering Math Facts and Math Stations for Middle Grades.

Multiplication Drill WorksheetMultiplication Drill

Print out this this worksheet and use it to see which of your students need to review their times tables. Read the Mastering Math Facts System overview for suggested time limits.

Pumpkin Seed Multiplication

Pumpkin Seed Multiplication was adapted from a similar activity in Mastering Math Facts. This game can be used to develop a conceptual understanding of multiplication using pumpkin seeds or other small manipulatives.

Online Multiplication Practice For Kids

Timez Attack – Amazing Games for Learning Math Facts

Timez Attack has been getting rave reviews on my Facebook page and it looks awesome! The site includes research to back up the important of students learning their times tables. These games have excellent graphics and interactive capabilities. There’s a free version available and you can upgrade to a Standard or Deluxe version as well.

Multiplication Grand Prix
Free Online Game from Arcademic Skill Builders

Multiplication Grand Prix is exciting game from Arcademic Skill Builders. Students at different computers can race against each other to practice their times tables. One student starts a game and marks it “private.” He or she creates a password and then gives the password to up to 3 friends who can join the race. Each student can choose a different color for his or her race car, and the game is on!

Johnnie’s Math Page – Multiplication Facts Practice
Free Math Games for Multiplication Practice

Loads of great multiplication games for student practice. Lots of variety! Games are interactive and fun! Your kids will never get bored practicing their times tables with the activities on this page!

Interactive Multiplication Chart
Free Application From Math Cats Website – Explore the Multiplication Table

Interactive multiplication chart that can be used to make connections between arrays and the basic multiplication facts. Have fun exploring!

Online Resources for Teachers

Facebook Suggestions for Multiplication Resources

I asked teachers on Facebook to share their best resources and strategies for teaching multiplication facts, and several dozen people contributed their ideas. Take a look at the multiplication discussion on the Teaching Resources Facebook Page. Feel free to add your own resources, but you’ll have to click the “like” button in order to be able to do that. Thanks to everyone who shared a strategy or resource!

Math Poke-A-Fact

Take a look at this YouTube video created by Charity Preston in which she explains a fun way for students to practice their math facts with a partner.

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