How to Launch a Super School Year

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Getting the school year off to a great start is essential, which means that what you do the first week of school makes all the difference! In this free training, I share my best secrets for creating a caring classroom, and how to empower your students to believe in themselves. I also share loads of freebies and links to resources that will make it easy for you to launch your best year ever!

This free video training consists of four lessons taken from my How to Launch a Super School Year webinar. Each lesson includes at least one on-demand video and all of the relevant freebies and resources for that lesson. When you finish the entire two hour course, you’ll be ready to launch your best year ever!

Lesson 1 – How to Create Your Dream Class 

Lesson 2 – Classroom Management Systems That Work 

Lesson 3 – What to Do the First Week of School  

Lesson 4 – Teaching Social Skills and Introducing Academic Content 

Launch a Super School Year Freebies

To request this free training, sign up below and look for an email with details about how to access the the first lesson. You’ll receive another email each day for the next three days with information about how to access the remaining videos, freebies, and resources included in this training.

To learn more about what’s covered in each lesson, download the note-taking pages below. You’ll also find them helpful for jotting down teaching tips, strategies, and resources mentioned during each lesson.

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Professional Development Certificate InfoHow to Launch a Super School Year PD Certificate

To obtain a 2-hour professional development certificate for this training, you can purchase my How to Launch a Super School Year Professional Development Webinar or one of the bundles above that includes the webinar. The PD version of the webinar also includes a high-quality video replay of the full 2-hour presentation, a printable PDF of all the webinar slides, and an audio version that you can download and listen to at your convenience.

Disclaimer: I don’t have the authority to award PD credit for watching the webinar, but your school or district might accept this certificate with copies of your lesson notes. It’s worth a try, and even if you don’t get credit, you can keep those documents on file as a part of your teaching portfolio.