Classifying Quadrilaterals

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Classify It! Exploring Quadrilaterals is an exciting collection of lessons and activities to help students master quadrilateral classification. This product includes printables and directions for an introductory lesson, a cooperative learning sorting activity, a challenging and fun game, and two quizzes. The two activities are great for math centers and cooperative learning lessons!

Three Versions of Classify It Based on Trapezoid Definitions

Did you know there are three different definitions of a trapezoid, and all of them are accepted depending on where you live? American English accepts two definitions, the inclusive and exclusive definitions. The British English definition of a trapezoid is completely different, and a 4-sided figure with one set of opposite sides parallel is called a trapezium. Classify It now includes THREE different variations of the product, one for each definition. No matter which definition you teach, you’ll be covered!