MI Theory for Kids Basic Bundle

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Multiple Intelligence Theory for Kids: Step-by-Step Lessons and Ready-to-Use Printables from Laura Candler is a classroom-tested resource for introducing Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence (MI) theory to children. This bundle includes a comprehensive teacher guide with complete lessons and kid-friendly MI surveys. It also includes 2 sets of bulletin board posters and 4 sets of quick reference cards to use with student projects and team assignments.

Google Doc and Editable Versions of the MI Survey for Kids

The MI Survey for Kids now comes in 3 digital formats. There’s a Google Doc version to use with Google Classrooms. There’s also an editable PowerPoint version to print and an editable Excel spreadsheet for digital use.

This unit includes step-by-step lessons plans for the teacher as well as a student MI survey, printables, student directions, and answer keys. The unit is easy to teach and lots of fun for students, and it will help them develop an understanding of MI theory and how they learn best. The suggested time frame for this unit is one to two weeks.

Multiple Intelligence Theory for Kids
MI Survey for Kids with Printable, Digital, and Editable Options
MI Theory for Kids Mini Posters and Reference Cards