Task Card Games Bundle

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Games for Task Cards is a collection of my “Just Add Task Cards” games. Each game can be easily customized by adding your own task cards on any topic. Game materials have generic directions and clipart to make them work in any subject area. So you only need to print and prepare the game materials once, and then you can use them over and over! These task games are so fun that your students will be excited to play them all year long! Most games can be played with partners, in teams, or in centers. They’re a great for test prep, too! Black and white and color versions of the game materials are included, so print only what you need.

Where to Find Task Cards for These Games

This bundle does NOT include task cards because it was designed to be customized with task cards you already own or that you create yourself. If you need task cards for the games in this bundle, click the Task Cards category link to find ready-to-use task cards and games that include task cards.

Preview the Task Card Games in this Bundle

To preview each game in this bundle, visit the pages below and click the preview links. Spin 4 Cash and Spin 2 Win are almost identical; in Spin 4 Cash, students try to earn “game cash” and in Spin 2 Win, students play for game tokens. Roll-N-Bump and Spin-N-Bump are great for having kids practice math facts while working on skills in other areas. Here’s what’s in the bundle:

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