Growth Mindset


Multiple Intelligence Theory and Growth Mindset

Dr. Howard Gardner first proposed Multiple Intelligence (MI) theory over 40 years ago, suggesting that IQ is not one-dimensional, and that it  

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Fostering a Growth Mindset with Brain Bucks

Teaching kids what it means to have a growth mindset is often easier than helping them replace their fixed mindset thoughts and  

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MI Theory and Mindset: Helping Kids Discover their Strengths and Overcome Challenges

Multiple Intelligence Theory and the research on Growth Mindset offer us insight into how the brain works, what it means to be  

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Mathematical Problem Solving: Mindsets Matter

Do you love math? Or are you convinced that the math train left the station without you long ago? No matter how  

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How to Turn a Word Problem into a Rich Math Task (Part Two)

Part Two: Crafting the Process

When students struggle in math, it’s often due to their beliefs about what it takes to be successful  

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How to Turn a Word Problem into a Rich Math Task (Part One)

Part One – Crafting the Problem

Growth mindset is much more than a buzzword, and nowhere is this more apparent than in mathematics.  

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Math Mindsets Matter: How Can Teachers Foster a Growth Mindset in Math?

Oh no! I’ve tumbled down into the rabbit hole of growth mindset research, never to be seen again! All kidding aside, the more I learn about growth mindset, the more fascinated I am with  

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Creating the Tallest Cup Tower: A STEM Challenge

Guest post by Tracey Graham of Growing a STEM Classroom

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is one of the current “buzz words” in  

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Bring Some Passion into Your Classroom with Genius Hour!

Guest post by Jennifer Runde

Have you heard of Genius Hour? If you are looking for a way to bring a little more motivation, excitement, and real learning into  

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Cooking Up a Caring Classroom

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The Power of Praise

Why We Shouldn’t Praise Kids for Being Smart … and How to Use Praise Effectively

Caring teachers are lavish in their praise; they know  

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