How to Teach Poetry, Step by Step (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

April is National Poetry Month! When you saw those words, what was your first reaction? You might have been thinking, “Yay! I love  

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Buddy Bio Poems Partner Poetry Lesson

Imagine yourself as a student in a new classroom during the first week of school. Unless your teacher starts off  

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6 Reasons to Teach Poetry in the Fall

When do you start teaching poetry in your classroom? If you wait until April because it’s National Poetry Month, consider introducing poetry  

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Poetry Paintings: Analyzing and Visualizing Poems

Guest post by Chelsea Allen 


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Poetry: A Common Core Dilemma

Believe it or not, teaching kids to love to write poetry is easy. It’s a matter of finding the right poetry books to  

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Falling in Love … With a Poem

April is National Poetry Month, and I’m honored to welcome nationally-acclaimed children’s poet Kristine O’Connell George as a guest blogger on Corkboard Connections. Kristine is one of my favorite children’s poets, and I know you’ll  

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Bio Poems for President’s Day