How to Get Started with Boom Cards

Whether you’ll be starting the school year online, in the classroom, or both, one of your biggest challenges will be finding digital  

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Google Classroom Management Tips

Guest blog post by Rhoda Toynbee

Using Google Classroom can streamline the tasks of assigning, collecting, grading, and returning student work. It saves  

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Plickers Made Easy with Task Cards

Have you tapped into the power of Plickers yet? Plickers is a free, interactive tech tool that uses printable “paper clickers” instead  

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Teachers, Help MrOwl Help YOU!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to find a free tech tool for creating  collections of online resources, photos, and documents all in one  

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Discover MrOwl, a Free New Tech Tool Teachers Will Love!

Have you discovered MrOwl? It’s a free, new tech tool you can use to create a personalized Internet experience based on the topics that are important to you. You can easily build, organize, and  

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Interactive Teaching with Plickers (Free Webinar)

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Do you use Plickers in your  

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Interactive Whiteboards and Web Tools

Interactive whiteboards are more than just glorified overhead projectors – the interactive tools allow teachers to create lessons that actively engage students in creative ways. They also allow us to use a variety of interactive web 2.0 tools with our students in  

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Plickers 102: Innovative Ways to Use Plickers

Can you tell I’m a little obsessed with Plickers? It’s a strange obsession, since I’m no longer in the classroom and I  

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Plickers 101 – Easy Digital Exit Tickets and More!

What do you get when you cross response clickers with QR codes?

Wait for it…. Plickers! 

Plickers is a free, totally innovative, web-based tool that combines the best of response clickers and QR codes. The program  

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Playing the Mystery Skype Game

Guest post by Tina Schmidt

Over the last 6 years I have become very passionate about “flattening my classroom walls” and reaching out to connect with others. One of the easiest ways to  

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5 Ways to Engage Parents Using Google Drive

Guest post by April Smith

One of my goals at the beginning of this school year was parent engagement. In the past, our school has sent home between 3-5 flyers  

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3D Printers – New Dimensions in Learning!

Guest post by Renee Peoples

“What can a third grader do with a 3D printer? How could it help them learn? Isn’t it just a fancy toy?  

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