How to Get Started with Boom Cards

Whether you’ll be starting the school year online, in the classroom, or both, one of your biggest challenges will be finding digital resources that can be adapted for the new reality of teaching during a pandemic. Fortunately, Boom Cards are just what you need! Boom Cards are digital, self-checking task cards that students can complete in the classroom or at home online.

Kids love Boom Cards because they are interactive and fun, and teachers love the fact that are both paperless and self-checking. These digital task cards are hosted on the Boom Learning platform where free and premium accounts are available. They’re easy to assign in learning management systems like Google Classroom and Seesaw, and you can view real-time, detailed performance data for every student in your class.

Because Boom Cards are so different from paper task cards, you might wonder how to get started with them. To make the process a little easier for you, I recorded a short video that explains what Boom Cards are, how they work, and how to assign them to your students. After you watch it, I think you’ll be eager to give them a try!




Time Boom Cards Cards Sampler Freebie

If you want to give Boom Cards a try, click here to test out the first four cards of my Time Boom Cards Sampler. This deck has 10 interactive cards designed to help students practice telling time and solving elapsed time word problems. If you’d like to use this deck with your students, download this freebie from my TpT store and follow the directions to add it to  your Boom Cards library.

Where to Find Interactive Boom Cards

I LOVE creating Boom Cards because the interactive features make it easy to design cards with clickable multiple-choice answers, fill in the blank questions, and drag-and-drop activities with movable pieces. These types of questions make Boom Cards more engaging for students, and the self-checking feature means they get immediate feedback for every response.

My daughters Wendy and Amy have begun creating Boom Cards, too. Together we’ve created over two dozen decks on many topics including math, science, and language arts. You can find all of our Boom Cards in the Boom Cards category of my TpT store. We hope you enjoy using them with your students as much as we love creating them!