Episode 8: Teaching with Children’s Magazines

Episode 8 Summary

Children’s magazines are excellent teaching tools for integrating literacy across the curriculum. In  

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Inspired Teaching Made Easy: How to Teach with Your Mind AND Your Heart

Do you listen to podcasts? I’ve been listening to them off and on for a few years, but it wasn’t  

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Episode 7: How to Teach Social Skills for Working Together

Episode 7 Summary

When students have trouble working together, it’s often because they lack the social  

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Episode 6: Tips for Using Attention Signals Effectively

Episode 6 Summary

Attention signals are essential tools for classroom management, and learning to use them  

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Episode 5: How to Get Dozens of Free Resources for Your Classroom

Episode 5 Summary

Did you know that Scholastic Book Clubs has a fabulous back-to-school deal that  

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Episode 4: I Wish My Teacher Knew

Episode 4 Summary

“I Wish My Teacher Knew” is a simple activity developed by 3rd grade  

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Episode 3: Why You Need a Class Handbook (and what to put in it)

Episode 3 Summary

Have you ever thought about creating a handbook for your classroom? In this  

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Episode 2: How to Get Energized for a New School Year

Episode 2 Summary

Do you get the back-to-school blues when you think about starting a new  

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Episode 1: Inspired Teaching Made Easy Intro

Episode 1 Summary

What is “inspired teaching,” and how can we find inspiration in our teaching  

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