Out with Answer Keys – In with QR Codes!

You know what QR codes are … those black and white patterned squares you scan with your smartphone to be taken to a webpage with more information about, well, anything! They’ve been  

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5 Reasons to Use Nearpod in the Classroom

Guest blog post by Jen Kimbrell

My job as an instructional technology facilitator provides me the opportunity to assist teachers in infusing technology into  

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Weekend App Attack: 3 Great Classroom Apps!

Guest blog post by Christina DeCarbo

Are you looking for some great new apps to try out with your students? ¬†This weekend, I’m excited to share three apps you can use in the classroom with upper primary students.

Math Flight
The first app on my  

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Symbaloo: A Tool for Paperless Teaching

As a longtime follower of Corkboard Connections, I am honored to share with you today! My name is Kate Peila and I am a third grade teacher from Montana. I blog about technology tips for the classroom over at

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