Tricky Words Bingo

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Tricky Words Bingo is a fun way for students to practice using 24 commonly-confused words correctly. This spelling and vocabulary game can be played with the entire class during whole group instruction, and it’s also perfect for small guided literacy groups, cooperative learning teams, and learning centers. Editable resources are included, making it easy to customize the words, task cards, and answer key. You can preview Tricky Words Bingo here on TpT.

Tricky Words Bingo includes the following resources:
☑ A PDF teacher’s guide
☑ Tricky Words review activity
☑ 30 numbered Bingo boards
☑ Bingo Showdown Directions
☑ 24 Tricky Words Task Cards with word-usage sentences
☑ Answer key
☑ Editable review page, task cards, and answer key

These commonly-confused words are included:
☆ your – you’re
☆ our – are
☆ its – it’s
☆ there – their – they’re
☆ accept – except
☆ lose – loose
☆ bored – board
☆ to – two – too
☆ whole – hole
☆ knew – new
☆ who’s – whose