Math Mindset Challenges

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Math Mindset Challenges is a collection of editable, multi-step word problems that can be used exactly as they are written or customized for your class. This product includes editable PowerPoint documents (word problems, answer keys, and templates), so it’s easy to tweak the program for your class. Each problem is presented in large print on its own page to make it easy to display for the class. Editable templates of other page formats are included, and you can use these to create journal response slips and other printables. Just copy and paste each problem into the template of your choice, and modify the problem or template as needed. Click the preview link to see all of the pages in the teacher’s guide, all of the word problems, and the annotated answer keys.

Right now there are 25 problems in the collection, but I hope to add more later in the year. As I add more problems and instructional materials to this product, the price of the product will increase. However, if you’ve already purchased it, you’ll get all of the new resources for free!