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As a classroom teacher, I received thousands of dollars in funding, and now I want to help other teachers achieve the same success. A few years ago, I asked 5th grade teacher Francie Kugelman to join me in a webinar and share her tips for writing proposals. Francie has received over $100,000 in funding and she's a volunteer project reader for DonorsChoose, so she's definitely an expert!

We've presented the webinar several times, and the recording below is the replay of our most recent webinar in September 2016. We hope this information inspires you to sign up for DonorsChoose and start getting your own classroom projects funded! ~ Laura


DonorsChoose: A Jackpot of Classroom Funding Webinar

Do you regularly spend your own money on classroom supplies and materials? If so, make time to watch this free webinar and learn how you can hit the DonorsChoose jackpot! DonorsChoose.org is a non-profit organization that helps public school teachers in the US get needed classroom resources. You'll learn about the types of services and materials you can request and how to write effective project proposals. You'll also learn tips and tricks to increase the odds that your proposal will be funded.



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Click the replay link above to play the webinar recording directly from this page or to stream it from Vimeo. If you want to download it for offline viewing, right click on the video link below. If you have problems with the download, click here for instructions. The webinar lasts 60 minutes.








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