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Exploring PerimeterExploring Perimeter

Step-by-Step Hands-on Lessons

CCSS Aligned 3.MD. B.4, 3.MD.D.8, 4.MD.A.3

Ebook with over 60 pages of activities,
printables, and teaching strategies

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Exploring Perimeter is a complete resource for teaching perimeter concepts. It's organized in sequential order according to skill level to make it easy to teach for deep understanding. Skills range from learning to count around a shape to hands-on strategies for finding formulas. Click the chart below to see a list of all skills and their corresponding Common Core Standards.

When you develop these concepts in a step-by-step manner, students are far more likely to grasp those concepts and retain them. As one student who tested the materials said, "Last year I got every one wrong when you had to find the missing number. This was is much easier to figure out because it goes one part at a time."  Preview the entire book online!

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Download a chart of skills covered
and Common Core Connections
Exploring Perimeter book by Laura Candler
Exploring Perimeter Common Core Connections


Mystery Perimeters Freebie

Download this free Mystery Perimeters sample lesson to try with your students.

  Mystery Perimeters Freebie from Laura Candler


Download a free lesson from Exploring Perimeters to see the format and judge the materials for yourself. All thirteen lessons follow this format. You can also read my blog post on Corkboard Connections with teaching tips for helping students find perimeters of shapes with unknown side lengths.


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