Penguin Fractions = Fraction Fun!

Fractions can be a tough concept at any grade, so I’m always looking for fun ways to  

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5 Math Games Every Classroom Needs to Play

Guest post by Leigh Langton

Hey guys! It’s Leigh from The Applicious Teacher! I am super excited to be blogging at Corkboard Connections today. I’m sharing a practice that I use to help increase my students’ engagement and number sense during my math block.


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3 Strategies to Conquer Math Word Problems

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Exploring 2-Digit Multiplication with Base Ten Blocks

Guest post by Dr. Shirley Disseler

The way we do math has changed! The Common Core offers a new way to look at an old subject and encourages us to  

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Pumpkin Predictions Measurement Fun!

Pumpkin Predictions is a perfect fall-themed activity for upper elementary students because it’s not a Halloween activity, but it seems like one.  

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Checking for Understanding with Exit Tickets

Guest post by Greg Coleman 
from Mr. Elementary Math

During my early years as a classroom teacher I felt that exit tickets were yet another initiative  

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Teaching Division with Partial Quotients: Moving from Concrete to Abstract Models

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Math Problems – They’re Hiding in Every Story!

Guest post by Susanna Westby

One of the challenges in teaching math effectively, especially as student get older, is finding ways to make it meaningful to their experience. Teachers  

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Mighty Math Tasks!

Guest post by Cassie Tabrizi

Several years ago I was  

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6 Tips for Making the Most of Math Homework

Is homework effective? Educators seem to be evenly split on this question. Some insist  

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How to Introduce Decimals with Base Ten Blocks

There’s a reason math teachers start the year by introducing or reviewing place value concepts. Understanding place value is essential to developing  

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Solving Unknown Perimeter Mysteries

Mystery Perimeters Freebie Lesson

Perimeter is a pretty simple concept to grasp, but finding unknown sides of irregular polygons can be challenging for kids. Solving these types of problems requires the ability to think logically and somewhat abstractly. Fortunately, we can help students  

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