Easter Egg Showdown Review Game

Easter Egg Showdown Review

Easter egg activities aren’t just for little ones! You might not take older kids on an Easter egg hunt, but you can bring colorful plastic eggs into the classroom and jazz up any review activity with this free Easter Egg Showdown game!

Showdown is a cooperative learning activity in which students work first alone, and then with a team, to solve problems or answer questions on task cards. Easter Egg Showdown is a variation in which the task cards or slips of paper with tasks are tucked inside plastic Easter eggs. Students select an egg, open it, read the problem or task, and everyone on the team writes a response. In the final step, team members compare and discuss their answers. This review game is so much fun that your students will want to play it over and over!

Easter Egg Showdown Review Game Freebie

The photo below shows two ways to use this activity, and both of them are included in my Easter Egg Showdown Freebie. The language arts activity has sentence slips to insert into the eggs. Students select an egg, read the sentence strip aloud, and everyone identifies the subject and predicate.  The math activity includes small task cards with division problems to solve.

The Easter Egg Showdown packet includes teacher directions, student directions, the Subject and Predicate activity shown in the photo, Division Showdown task cards, and blank templates to create your own.

How to Customize Easter Egg Showdown

One reason I love Easter Egg Showdown is that you can easily adapt almost any Showdown activity to use with the Easter Eggs. To find more Showdown lessons with task cards, visit my TpT store and type “showdown” into the search box. Showdown works well with basic math review problems, vocabulary words and definitions, states and capitals, or science and social studies questions. What an “eggsciting” way to review!