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If you want to see kids get excited about reading, let them choose their own books and talk about them in groups. That’s the basic idea behind Literature Circles, sometimes known as Book Clubs. Literature Circles are even Common Core aligned! If you’re new to Literature Circles, or even if you are a pro, visit my Classroom Book Clubs page or watch the short video below.

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Classroom Book Clubs Overview

Watch this short video to how Classroom Book Clubs work!

I spent 15 years experimenting with Literature Circles in my classroom, and I finally found an approach that students enjoy, an approach that’s free of cumbersome management systems. I’d love to tell you how it works! Click the video below and I’ll share the 7 steps to Classroom Book Clubs success! To find out what others think, read what teachers are saying about this resource.


Other Literature Circles Resources

Here are some of my favorite books on how to implement Literature Circles. Click the covers below to find these books online at!


Getting Started with Literature Circles
Moving Forward with Literature Circles
Mini Lessons for Literature Circles
Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in Book Clubs

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