Launch a Super School Year Free Video Course

Getting the school year off to a great start is essential, which means that what you do the first week of school can make all the difference! A few years ago I presented a popular webinar called How to Launch a Super School Year where I shared my secrets for kicking off a great school year. During the webinar I explained exactly how to create a caring classroom and how to empower your students to believe in themselves.

The only problem with the webinar was that it was so jam-packed with lesson ideas, tips, strategies, and freebies that it lasted a full 2 hours! Not everyone can take time to watch a 2-hour webinar in one sitting, so I’ve decided to offer that same presentation as a free 4-part on-demand video series.

You can watch the 4 lessons below one day at a time or all on the same day. It’s up to you! Each lesson includes an on-demand video and all of the relevant freebies and resources for that lesson. When you finish the entire two hour course, you’ll be ready to launch your best year ever!

  • How to Create Your Dream Class 
  • Classroom Management Systems That Work 
  • What to Do the First Week of School  
  • Teaching Social Skills and Introducing Academic Content

Not only is the presentation itself free, it’s loaded with over a dozen free back-to-school teaching resources! I introduce these freebies during the webinar and explain how to use them.

To request this free training, sign up below and look for an email with details about how to access the the first lesson. You’ll receive another email each day for the next three days with information about how to access the remaining videos, freebies, and resources included in this training.

To learn more about what’s in each lesson, download the note-taking pages below. You’ll also find them helpful for jotting down teaching tips, strategies, and resources mentioned during each lesson. I hope you enjoy watching this video presentation as much as I enjoyed creating it. Have a great school year!