Polygon Sorting Google Classroom Activities

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Polygon Sorting Activities for Google Classroom is a collection of editable Google Slides with ready-to-use activities to supplement the activities and lessons in Polygon Explorations. Classifying polygons is one of the most effective strategies for exploring the attributes of two-dimensional shapes. These Google Classroom sorting activities are perfect for independent practice and formative assessment!

Polygon Sorting Activities includes seven ready-to-use T-chart and Venn diagram activities, as well as templates for creating your own sorting activities. The teacher’s guide explains how to access those resources, edit them, and assign them in Google Classroom.

You can use these Google Classroom sorting activities without purchasing Polygon Explorations, but please note that this product does not include geometry lessons, nor does it include the cooperative learning strategies and games you’ll find in Polygon Explorations. You’ll get the most from both resources when you use them together. Use the lessons and active engagement strategies in Polygon Explorations to introduce and explore polygons, and then assign the Google Classroom activities for independent practice or formative assessment later.

Technical Requirements for Using this Product

These activities were created with Google Slides, so you’ll need a free Google account to access them. If you plan to assign the activities to your students, you’ll need a Google Classroom account. If you don’t use Google Classroom, consider purchasing Polygon Explorations which includes printable shapes and activities as well as Smartboard and PowerPoint resources.

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