Teaching with Dry Erase Boards

Free Tips and Strategies plus a Giveaway!

Monday, August 21st News Flash! The contest described in this blog post is now over and the winner is JoAnn Johnson of Pembroke, NC! The good news for everyone else is that you can still download your free copy of Teaching with Dry Erase Boards!

Today is my birthday, but instead of asking for a gift, I’m going to GIVE a gift! I love teaching with dry erase boards, so I’m teaming up with Julia Rhodes, the founder of Kleenslate Concepts, to give away a classroom set of boards, markers, and erasers! Julia and I are each donating a dozen sets, and the winner will be able to choose the round paddles or the rectangular ones. I love Julia’s boards because they are 2-sided and can be customized with different surfaces. You can choose between an unlined surface, handwriting lines, graph paper, a music staff, or a blank Venn diagram.  Julia was a classroom teacher who loved using dry erase boards with her students. However, like many teachers, she was frustrated with all the issues surrounding the use of dry erase boards and markers. So Julia set out to invent something better! If you’ve tried her boards, you’ll know she succeeded in her quest!

After Julia developed the perfect dry erase marker and board combination, she created the Kleenslate Concepts website to get the word out to educators. In addition to the boards and markers, the Kleenslate site offers free helpful tips and information for teachers in the Teachers Room. You can find lessons that feature real kids like this enthusiastic young man!

I’m definitely a fan of dry erase boards, too, and I even wrote a three-part article last year on TeachHUB.com with strategies for using them in the classroom. Since only one person can win the dry erase board set, I decided to create a freebie from the the information in those articles. It’s called Teaching with Dry Erase Boards: Interactive and Effective Strategies for Instruction, and you can download it here or from Teaching Resources. In this booklet, you’ll find strategies for using dry erase boards in a whole group setting, in small groups, or in centers.

You’ll also find lots of management tips in the packet, too. My students loved using boys’ black socks for erasers, and we stored the erasers and markers in a zippered pouch for each team. If you purchase Julia’s boards, the markers and erasers snap right onto the paddles so you don’t need to worry about storing those items.

To enter the contest, simply complete the form below and submit your information. This contest is only open to teachers in the US and Canada since it involves a physical product that needs to be shipped. The contest will end Monday, August 20th, at 10 p.m. EST at which time I will use a random number generator to determine the winner. The dry erase board set will be shipped directly to the winner’s school, but it will be noted that the set belongs to the winner for his or her classroom use and does not become the property of the school. If you would like a class set of these boards for yourself, you have several options. You may be able to obtain a set by writing a grant proposal through DonorsChoose.org, or you can place an order directly with Kleenslate Concepts using the discount code Code LC15 to get 15% off your total order! Best of luck to those who enter the contest!

Note: Please enter the contest only once. Submitting more than one entry will disqualify you from winning.