DonorsChoose Webinar Resources

DonorsChoose Webinar Resources
Presented by Francie Kugelman and Laura Candler

Thanks for watching DonorsChoose: A Jackpot of Classroom Funding. This page includes links to the resources we mentioned in the webinar.

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Why Teachers Love the Caring Classrooms Community!

  • I love coming to this page to read updates and to see what amazing supplies others are receiving. I’m glad I found this community. – Karla Smith
  • A big thank you to Caring Classrooms for all that they do to promote matches and to help to get teachers extra materials for their classrooms! If it wasn’t for all of your behind-the-scenes hard work, so many teachers would not even know about these things. – Melissa Stark
  • I had my project flash funded! Thank you so much Caring Classrooms for all of your help and resources! My students will have exercise ball chairs, wobble chairs, bouncy bands, stability discs, and yoga mats! – Donna Ratchford
  • Ya’ll are so awesome! You don’t know what an impact you’ve made on me and in turn my principal. He even printed some of your dc directions and distributed to our faculty! Our school has been blessed with tons of new things. 3 years ago not a single iPad in the entire school! We’re in a very rural area with a little budget that doesn’t go far, but with your encouragement and guidance every single teacher and coach has gotten on board with DC and successfully had at least 1 project funded! – Christy Darnell
  • I just wanted to express my gratitude to DonorsChoose and Target for the wonderful funding opportunities to start the new school year! I only found out about the chance through the selfless work of the Caring Classrooms community. It was that group that helped me understand the Target guidelines and supported the work of so many teachers trying to get the Target funding. It is important to me that I give a big shout out to the Caring Classroom ladies for showing me the way, supporting my projects, and celebrating my success. I’m sure many more teachers feel the same way I do! – Sue Grodek