Gearing Up for Next Generation Science

Guest blog post by Wendy Goldfein and Cheryl Nelson

As part of the Next Generation Science Standards, elementary teachers will teach engineering.

Really??? I’m not an engineer!

The problem solving skills,  

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Green Court Claims Freebie

About a month ago, I shared a special activity I developed for Earth Day called Green Court Claims. You can read my blog post,  

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Move to Learn in Science!

Brain research supports the need for students to get plenty of movement throughout the day – but that’s something every teacher knows! In Teaching with the Brain in  

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Green Companies? Let the Jury Decide!

Critical Thinking, Researching, and Writing Freebie

Have you noticed how often companies imply that their products or services are “green,” or environmentally friendly? But are they really “going green”? Or are they are  

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Note-taking Foldable Freebie for Informational Text

How can you transform almost any assignment into an adventure? Use foldables! Foldables are so much fun to make, and when students create their own, they seem to take more pride in their work. One type of  

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Mitten Science: Questions to Explore

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Hands-on Water Cycle Fun!

One summer I accepted a position at a local school to work with kids during their year round intersession program, and I  

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