Mystery Number Detectives

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Mystery Number Detectives is an exciting critical thinking math game that reinforces math vocabulary and helps students develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. It’s also one of the few math test prep activities that your students will beg to play! This activity is a more challenging variation of the well-known game “Guess My Number.” To start the game, one player becomes the “Eyewitness” and secretly chooses a number. The other players are “Detectives” who take turns asking yes/no questions to determine the identity of that number. Roles rotate during each round of the game. The game can be played as a whole class with the teacher as the Eyewitness and all students acting as Detectives, or students can play the game within cooperative learning teams or math centers.

Mystery Number Detectives includes directions and game materials, as well as two folders of bonus materials for building math vocabulary. The Math Vocabulary Quick Check Task Cards folder includes a printable PDF version of the task cards as well as images that can be used with Plickers. The Mystery Number Word Wall Cards folder has words that are commonly used when creating questions during the Mystery Number Detectives game.