Power Reading Workshop

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Laura Candler’s Power Reading Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide describes an easy teacher-tested method for implementing Reading Workshop in your classroom. You’ll learn how to motivate readers by providing time for independent reading and reading conferences. As a result, your students will learn to love reading, and you’ll improve reading test scores at the same time! In addition to the basic reading workshop, this book includes a dozen “Power Tools” that allow you to differentiate your reading instruction for all students. Click the Preview link above to see every page in this book!

What Teachers Are Saying About Power Reading Workshop!
Here are a few of the feedback comments about the Power Reading Workshop program, and you’ll find over 200 more at the bottom of this page!
• This is just what I needed to blend my guided reading program and the Daily Five that we have been trying to implement. I love the simplicity and ease of what works for your classroom. (Christy S.)
• Wow… what a thorough resource! I just downloaded it this evening, but am excited by what I’m seeing! This appears to be a very comprehensive tool, and I’m looking forward to reading it this summer to gear up for the coming year. I can’t help but feel my reading program is lacking, and look forward to implementing the ideas in the book next school year. The Power Reading Tools look like a fabulous resource that will really give my program an added punch when combined with the basic reading workshop. Thank you! (Veronica R.)