Sentence Go Round

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Do your students have trouble writing complete sentences? Do they write in fragments and run-ons? Sentence Go Round is a simple and fun cooperative learning strategy to teach students how to write longer, more complex sentences. It starts with a short review of sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and complete sentences that includes a sentence sorting activity. Then students work with a team to expand short, basic sentences into longer, more interesting sentences. Black and white versions of the student printables are included.

This activity is highly effective with all types of learners, from ESL and special education students to academically gifted students! Students who struggle with writing will learn to write basic complete sentences with ease, and more advanced students will learn to write more interesting and exciting sentences.

Bonus Task Cards with Plickers-Ready Images!

As a bonus, I’ve added 10 task cards to Sentence Go Round that you can use for formative assessment after teaching the introductory mini-lesson. If you prefer a paperless assessment, upload the 10 task card images to the free Plickers assessment program and add them to your library of questions. I created a free tutorial with step-by-step directions to explain exactly what to do!

Common Core Standards
This activity is aligned with CCSS Language Standards L.3.1, L.4.1, L.5.1, and L.5.3.A and it can easily be modified to use with younger or older students. Preview the entire ebook here to make sure it is right for your class.