12 Ways to Motivate Reluctant Readers

I think I must have been born with a book in my hand! My parents told me that from the moment I learned to read, I would read everything in sight, from cereal boxes  

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Literature Circles – Common Core Aligned & Fun!

Motivate Kids to Love Reading!

It’s February, and your students are tired of the same old routines in reading. They’re ready for a change, and you are, too. But if you teach in a Common  

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Book Character Day – Fun and Educational!

Is there a school district anywhere that still allows traditional Halloween activities? Most elementary students love to dress up on Halloween, but many schools no longer allow Halloween parties and activities. However, there’s fun and educational way to sneak in a dress-up  

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Literary Lunch Bunches Foster Love of Reading

Most teachers have heard of Literature Circles, or Classroom Book Clubs, but many find it difficult to add them to an already packed  

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Powerful Little Books – Perfect for Little Hands

A few days ago I received a special package in the mail, one that I had been eagerly anticipating. It was a collection  

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The Power of Audio Books

Most kids love to listen to audio books, but did you know that this practice is also extremely effective for improving reading comprehension  

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Favorite Read Alouds for November

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Tips for Teaching Informational Text

About the only thing we can count on in education is that something is  

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Power Reading Workshop and The Daily 5

Comparing and Contrasting Two Models 

“How does Power Reading Workshop fit with the Daily 5?”

I’ve been asked that question several times recently, so I  

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Fun Twist on Book Reports!

Five Looks on a Book is a simple and fun activity that offers a nice twist on the traditional book report. Students name five adjectives  

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Picture Perfect Teaching with Children’s Books

By Debbie Clement, Guest Blogger

What a joy to share with you today from my perspective as a previous Elementary School Art teacher evolved now  

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Heartfelt Causes & Effects

Last week I read an adorable book called Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch. I checked the copyright date and  

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