Corkboard Connections Blog Now on Teaching Resources

If you were a past follower my Corkboard Connections blog, you might not have known that I also had a website called Teaching Resources. The two were formerly on separate platforms, so I’m super excited that they’re now together here on! My original Corkboard Connections posts were moved over to this site, and visitors to my old blog are redirected to the same post here. In fact, that might be exactly how you found this post and the Teaching Resources website!

How to Navigate the New Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources was redesigned earlier this year with the goal of integrating my blog and website into one mobile-friendly site. As you can imagine, it was a massive task and the new Teaching Resources is huge! To make it easier to find what you need, I organized the content into categories and added a navigation menu. Here’s what you’ll find in each category:

Home:  Clicking the Home link from anywhere on the site will take you back to the main page at

Blog: This is where you’ll find blog posts that were originally published on Corkboard Connections as well as new blog posts. To keep things simple, I’ve dropped the name Corkboard Connections, and I’m just calling it Laura’s Blog.

Resources: This category is where you’ll find my virtual File Cabinet with hundreds of resources organized by subject area. My professional development pages can also be found here.

TpT Store: If you’re looking for one of my teacher products, click this link to go directly to my TpT store.

Freebies: Click the Freebies menu link and sign up for my Candler’s Classroom Connections newsletter. You’ll get access to over 75 of my very best freebies for teachers!

Quick Links to a Dozen Popular Posts

To make it easier to find my most popular Corkboard Connections posts, I compiled a list of a dozen top posts from the last few years. Click the titles below to find these articles on here on my new blog:


If you’re looking something else, just use the category tags in the blog sidebar or the search box at the bottom of the site to search for it.

I want to thank the folks at SonicSEO for creating my awesome new website! I’m thrilled with the mobile-friendly features and the way the blog and website were integrated seamlessly into one WordPress site. They worked incredibly hard to transfer hundreds of pages and thousands of images from my blog and website over to the new platform, and I love the results!

There are still a few broken links and bugs on the new site, but I’m doing my best to correct those errors as I find them. If you do experience a problem, I would be grateful if you would report it on this Google Doc form so that I can look into the issue. Thanks!